The Internet scenario

Max M (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 11:26:12 +0100

To me it's pretty obvious that most of the technological development going
on these days are about utilising the Internet and computers more
efficiently. This will probably go on at least for the next ten years.
Until it is somehow more stabilised than now. (both in technology and

My worry then is what will happen with the more outgoing efforts: space
exploration, immortality, nanotech etc. wich will have a more direct
physical impact on us.

Should we put these things in a safelock until the increased power this
networking will give us will make it allmost effortless?

Example: I imagine building a lunar Space rocket today wich is practically
impossible for private organisations. Then i compare that with a possible
future network based organisation wich can simulate the project in all it's
faces and then let some kind of automated factory build the bugger cheaply.

This sort of hints that we should wait a while to start constructing
things, but to me thats sort of a loosers strategi because there will be a
lot of lost momentum.

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