Re: U-Prime (and the Universe as 'God')

Stephen de Vries (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 14:17:08 GMT2

On Tue, 19 Nov Ira Brodsky wrote:

> Stephen De Vries wrote:

>[Ira]: Rule the universe to what end?

>[Stephen]: To survive. And survival is an end in itself. Survival
>can be the only ethic in this universe.

>[Ira]: What a grim universe it must be -- where the purpose of life
>is survival and survival is the only ethic.

>BTW, you wouldn't happen to be a survivalist? <g>

I don't know. Tell me what one is and I'll see if the label fits.

>Hopefully, there are purposes more noble than mere survival. And
>sometimes it is more noble *not* to survive. But let's hope
>technological progress will render that unnecessary.

There is nothing nobler than survival. I agree that
sometimes it is nobler for me not to survive, but in doing so I
contribute to the survival of something else - The classic hero and
martyr themes are good examples where personal survival is sacrificed
for memetic survival. A very important decision to make is what
_you_ consider worth surviving.

We live in a binary universe - exist or not-exist.


Stephen de Vries

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