Re: Nutra-Tumors

Chris Hind (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 22:23:00 -0800

>The FDA claims the amount is less than eating a banana, which also contains
>methanol. They will probably be asked to substantiate that statement.

Blindness by bananas?

>BTW, do I use aspertame? I try to avoid it. It's not hard since I
>_can't_stand_ the flavor.

I agree, i don't like the taste anyways.

>I've been avoiding it since it first came out. I had a tall glass of the
>new diet Coke with aspartame when it first hit the stores. I couldn't
>sleep for three days (man what a headache after 72 hours!!).
>Turns out that some people have allergies to aspartame...

Sure it wasn't just a placebo effect? All the paranoia put on by the media
when it first debut was enough to make anyone paranoid enough not to drink
any of it. Are you actually allergic or merely under a placebo effect and
was temporarily under a media-induced hypochondria?