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Holy Wars, Part MCDMXVII. by Betty Martini, crusader extraordinaire.

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Subject: NutraSweet making World News: Please send us all case histories

Dr. John Olney made World News in his article on aspartame and brain
tumors published in the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental
Neurology. But the work he was citing was Dr. H. J. Roberts peer reviewed
report on brain tumors and aspartame we have on our auto-responder that we
have been talking about for years. It was always known and we have the
secret trade information where it was stated in a memo before it was
marked that it broke down into DKP, a brain tumor agent (from the
phenylalanine). This secret trade information was discussed in the
Congressioanl Hearings but nothing was done about it.

At the World Environmental Conference last November Dr. Clarice Gaylord of
the EPA announced an epidemic of MS and lupus but said they could not
identify the toxin. I explained I was there to lecture on MS and identify
the toxin as NutraSweet. And it has caused an epidemic of lupus which
usually becomes asymptomatic as you soon as you get the patient off. But
patients are suffering from methanol toxicity from aspartame.

Dr. Roberts book DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS DISEASE explains how it is
escalating Alzheimers, and has been nominated for a Pultizer.

He has written a new medical text called ASPARTAME DISEASE which has not
been published, as aspartame disease is now epidemic. Dr. Roberts
publications can be gotten at 1 800 -814 -9800.

Turn on your TV, its been on CNN about every 15 minutes, and just about
every station. We are very concerned about aviation as pilots talk about
grand mal seizures, black outs, heart problems, central nervous system
problems, and loss of vision.

Information is on our auto-responder and check the web. We can give you
web sites. The news is out and an investigation began today in

Betty Martini
Operation Mission Possible - WArning the World aspartame is a neurotoxin!

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