Re: U-Prime (and the Universe as 'God')
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 13:44:46 -0500

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<< Why, food and shelter, of course! All evidence suggests (to my
overly rational self, at least) that all human goals are just
subgoals of our self-preserving and reproductive urges. Even
the more cerebral ones like scientific inquiry fall under this
category---knowledge is power. >>

I guess you don't subscribe to Maslow's hierarchy of human needs where
philosophical fulfillment is highest or Stephen Covey's human
happiness/fulfillment requirements of Live, Love, Learn, Legacy.

Food and shelter (basic living) are needed first (even by a post-human?) but
after that goal is reached, there has got to be more. I think leaving a
legacy where ever I go is more fulfilling than finding food and shelter.

I don't agree the goals: "more cerebral ones like scientific inquiry", are
linked to such reptilian desires as food and shelter. Maslow started with
five needs then added two more later, as he developed his understanding of
human nature. I don't think I can say what a post-human's needs for
fulfillment will be, but it must be higher that what Maslow, Covey and I have
already found.


Dynamically Optimistic,

November 20, 1996
10:32 am