Re: Hey From LA!

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 08:57:33 -0500

Natasha V. More(f/k/a/Nancie Clark) wrote:
> Greetings from a group gathered to contemplate EXTRO-3. August, '97 its
> going to be great - be there!
> (We need more coffee, and smart drugs ... But, we've got Miles Davis' _All
> Blue_ on.) Too many ideas, not enough time.
> Greg Burch, Sean Morgan, Eric Watt Forste, Ken Kittlitz, Max More, David
> McFadzean, Nick Szabo, Natasha (er, the only gal here (for now)), Quark and
> Quasar,
> Discussing the future of transhumanity. Just wanted to let you all know that
> we are having a great time. We are here to carry out Dogbert's evil schemes.
> We have reached critical mass, this is our last message before we transcend.
> (Greg just told me to "Fire that baby off.")
> Upward and Outward!
Count me in....