Hey From LA!

Natasha V. More (flexeon@primenet.com)
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 11:44:59 -0700 (MST)

Greetings from a group gathered to contemplate EXTRO-3. August, '97 its
going to be great - be there!

(We need more coffee, and smart drugs ... But, we've got Miles Davis' _All
Blue_ on.) Too many ideas, not enough time.

Greg Burch, Sean Morgan, Eric Watt Forste, Ken Kittlitz, Max More, David
McFadzean, Nick Szabo, Natasha (er, the only gal here (for now)), Quark and

Discussing the future of transhumanity. Just wanted to let you all know that
we are having a great time. We are here to carry out Dogbert's evil schemes.

We have reached critical mass, this is our last message before we transcend.

(Greg just told me to "Fire that baby off.")

Upward and Outward!