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> It has been discussed by members of my group of anonymous friends
>that a definate possibility exists that there was a StarWars test being
>conducted at that time, and the termination of flight 800 was as a result
>of a rogue smart-rock or brilliant-pebble! [Our conversation centered on
>that all intent was accidental at the beginning - do not forget this
>point that such an accident would be considerd a breach of security!]
> For those of you who don't know this technology, they are
>orbiting devices that are in essence, "kinetic energy weapons". They
>literally smash themselves into the target, moving at hypersonic speeds,
>and thus destroy the target. Such weapons were developed as
>anti-ballistic missile weapons (abm) and anti-multiple-reentry-vehicle
>weapons (amrv). [This is over ten years ago mind you, it is more advanced
>now in the 1990's and do not forget the proximity of Brookhaven!]
> The secenerio would be thus, a smart rock or brilliant pebble
>entered the atmosphere from space, and accidentally tracked the wrong
>target. Smart rocks and brilliant pebbles are both set up with remote
>arming and targetting capabilities, however during ion burn (ionization
>during reentry) communication with the device is impossible, therefore an
>abort command could not be sent in time. A meteor, but a MAN-MADE

IAN: As hard as this is to believe, its actually not all that,
shall we say, far out. The witness report of the Air National
Guard pilot, Major Meyer, is consistent with a space hit. I'm
far more inclined to believe in a star wars brilliant-pebble
hit than a meteor hit. Here's what would tend to support the
brilliant-pebble theory. Aviation Week 7/29/96 page 32, reads:

Major Fred Meyer, a Vietnam combat veteran flying
the HH-60, was likely the first gardsman to see
Flight 800 in it's final moments. He first noticed
"at the moment of sunset....a streak of light"
above his head and about 15-20 degrees to the left
of the helicopter's centerline.

"It was on the same trajectory as a shooting star,
across the sky in front of me, generally moving
from a higher to a lower altitude." Meyer said.
The differences were that the moving light was
orange-red instead of white "and you don't see
shooting stars in broad daylight."

As the pilot focused on the light, an explosion
occurred the size of a circle made by thumb and
forefinger at arm's length.

He dismissed the notion that a SAM was involved.
"I've seen missiles fired [in combat]," said
Meyer, who flew search and rescue missions from
a ship off the coast of North Vietnam during
1966-1969. "Nothing in my experience is saying

Since some reports state that the missile seemed to come
from a boat, and that it curved -- unlike a meteor but
like a guided missile -- it must be considered that a
military agent such as Major Meyer might be persuaded
to give witness contrary to what he actually saw. There
are even reports, such as from the NY Post, that he
said at the time that it DID look like a missile, so
Major Meye, which is it? A b-pebble might fit the bill,
for it might both look and not look like a missile.

However, if a star wars test error, this would be a good
reason for a cover up. Not only is star wars top secret,
but it such an error would threaten to kill the project
if the public found out. But now back to earth, get this:

FACT 3: The U.S. Coast Guard's "Notice to Mariners"
states that the Navy planned daily live-fire exercis-
es during the month of July '96 less than 200 miles
NW of the TWA 800 explosion ( USCG notice is here
( ).


MA - OFF/SHORE - The U.S. Navy
advises of daily firing exercises...

Considering that zones off the NY shore were also re-
served for military exercises, could it be that live-
fire exercises were extended to other reserved areas?,
as eyewitness reports would indicate. It is also re-
ported that the USCG issued a notice of NY coast fir-
ings that has now been removed from their web site.
That notice would be the smoking gun.

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