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Sat, 16 Nov 1996 16:33:50 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, James Rogers wrote:

> >> >shipment during Operation Desert Storm. THe traces they found were no
> >> >where near that beleived needed to induce the blast the plane
> >> >experienced. What is left?

Would you believe a missile that lacks explosive materials? [Bracketed
content is updated commentary.]

> A missile would leave significant residue traces if it impacted on the
> plane. If the missile was proximity fused, it would leave a very
> identifiable signature on parts of the plane due to the nature of proximity
> detonations. Since it has not been mentioned anywhere, I will assume that a
> proximity detonating missile did not bring down the plane.

[The following is in part a conversation in which anonymity on yours
truly part contributed to this posting made public weeks ago...]

It has been discussed by members of my group of anonymous friends
that a definate possibility exists that there was a StarWars test being
conducted at that time, and the termination of flight 800 was as a result
of a rogue smart-rock or brilliant-pebble! [Our conversation centered on
that all intent was accidental at the beginning - do not forget this
point that such an accident would be considerd a breach of security!]

For those of you who don't know this technology, they are
orbiting devices that are in essence, "kinetic energy weapons". They
literally smash themselves into the target, moving at hypersonic speeds,
and thus destroy the target. Such weapons were developed as
anti-ballistic missile weapons (abm) and anti-multiple-reentry-vehicle
weapons (amrv). [This is over ten years ago mind you, it is more advanced
now in the 1990's and do not forget the proximity of Brookhaven!]

The secenerio would be thus, a smart rock or brilliant pebble
entered the atmosphere from space, and accidentally tracked the wrong
target. Smart rocks and brilliant pebbles are both set up with remote
arming and targetting capabilities, however during ion burn (ionization
during reentry) communication with the device is impossible, therefore an
abort command could not be sent in time. A meteor, but a MAN-MADE

If this story is correct, the USA has just demonstrated AIR
SUPERIORITY over every air-force, every nation, around the world. If
this is true, and this is what happened, the US military can target and
eliminate, from space, any aircraft which is airborne, anywhere,
instantly. The reprocussions of this information is astounding! [This
may explain the lack of resolution and military participation...]

As the story unfolds, please keep this information in mind as a
possible scenerio, as the resultant cover-up will be easier to identify
if all the possibilities are widely known. Only time will tell.........sq


Since this discussion military minded (pro as a matter of fact) writers have said they do not believe this at all but wished we had such a capability nonetheless. What a response considering that 10 years have passed since the original Star Wars technology brouhaha has passed. The flares often cited by the witnesses are of the the thermal kind used when a rogue sidewinder goes after one of our own planes and is a somewhat low in tactical response success measure seen before in similiar occasions.

Every day that passes seems to make the Star Wars accidental test result more plausible and that TOTAL AIR SUPERIORITY is actually in the hands of the military now! The blanket of secrecy is maintained to reduce the commercial impact to our own military exports overseas!