Re: Extropian Optimism

Ira Brodsky (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 12:13:49 -0600

David D. wrote:

>Just what the hell is Dynamic Optimism? How does it help you? Is it
>genetic or can you learn it? Did you learn it? If so, how? How would you
>go about teaching someone to be dynamically optimistic?

Actually, I think dynamic optimism is not all that new. It is Dale
Carnegie. It is "est". It is Carlos Casteneda. But most of all, it is
common sense.

The question of whether it is learned or genetic is an interesting one.

I believe it is learned, but not the same way you learn Japanese or calculus.

To really understand dynamic optimism requires a high degree of
receptivity. In my experience, most people are only receptive to such
ideas for brief periods during their lives.

Although est was a cult, it did offer a grain of truth. To "get it," you
had to be willing to reexamine your entire perspective and approach to
life. At least as far as personal relationships go, much skepticism is due
to constant replaying in your mind of a video tape containing past,
negative experiences.

I don't think dynamic optimism = blind optimism, however. And I can't
prove it is not a religion. But I don't see that it matters.

The key lesson is that life continually presents positive opportunities.
Most people miss those opportunities because they err on the side of

End of sermon. <g>

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