Re: the robot scenario

Stephen de Vries (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 11:42:25 GMT2

On Sat Max M wrote:

> Does the scenario hold and what is the reason then for us as biological
> beings to go to space and live eternal lives? (Not counting the obvious
> reason to fight the robots for raw materials ;-) )

It doesn't really matter who or what become the new specie to
populate and explore space, as long as its done. From my layman's
point of view of artificial life and genetic engineering, I see the
strongest race to ascension between these two technologies. Since
the organisms born out of these projects will compete for the same
niche, I'd guess that it'll be one or the other that survives.

At the moment the only organism that I can control and engineer to my
specifications is * "me", and that's enough of a challenge for now

* "me" is a system of patterns extending into thousands of realities,
probing and integrating new information which it then feeds back into
the system, a cosmic-transistor channeling high energy chaos into a
living form.

Stephen de Vries

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