RE: wildgrowing threads

David Musick (
Sat, 16 Nov 96 00:21:06 UT

I too have noticed the overabundance of impulsive, non-quality posting and
idle chit-chat in this forum. I do my best to try and post high-quality,
interesting posts, and I avoid responding to things unless I can somehow work
my ideas into a high-quality, interesting post.

To me, Extropy is very realated to the concepts of quality and excellence, and
as a practicing Extropian, I work to acheive quality and excellence in
everything I do. From the way I wash my hands to the way I write, I practice
acheiving quality and excellence in all of the little and big areas of my

If we are truly Extropians, and if this is really a forum for Extropian
discussion, we should make all our exchanges with each other through this
forum as extropic as possible. There are plenty of other mailing lists and
discussion groups where people can engage in idle chit-chat and send impulsive
messages to each other, but I feel it is innappropriate in this particular
forum. We are Extropians. Lets act like it.

I do my best to seed this forum with high quality posts and well-thought-out
ideas. I wish there were more people contributing excellent posts to this
forum. I wish I could read the mail from the Exi list and have it overflowing
with interesting and thought-provoking ideas, rather than a lot of idle
banter. If you don't have something to write that you think will truly be
interesting to those who read in this forum, please don't write anything; just
read for a while, and then when you have something interesting you want to
share, write it up well and then post it.

We can make this one of the best, most extropic mailing lists on the Internet,
but we must learn *discipline*. And we must be committed to posting only
good, quality writings. As more people join this forum, the need for this
will become more appearent, especially if one receives a few hundred messages
a day, full of idle chit-chat about some inane topic.

I've noticed that as I strive to write quality writings, the quality of my
typical thoughts also rises. My quality writings are an excercise for my
mind, to develop high quality, very articulate thinking. I urge the
contributers to this list to practice writing high-quality writings. It's
very good for developing one's mind.

- David Musick

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