Re: TWA 800: THE CAT IS OUT !!

Jerome (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 20:17:11 -0800

At 03:52 PM 11/14/96 -0600, Ira Brodsky wrote:


>Finally, I would think there would be no one more anxious to exonerate TWA
>than TWA. (The aircraft manufacturer -- was it Boeing? -- would be a close
>second.) Has TWA commented on this theory? Wouldn't they know whether
>Navy missile tests sometimes take place in this area? Would they have a
>reason to cover-up a mistake made by the Navy -- a mistake that caused
>great harm to their business?
>Do you believe TWA is part of the conspiracy? If not, I am willing to call
>their media relations department next week and see what they say.


TWA might have paid attention to what happened to Pan American Air Lines.

Remember Pan Am?

Here is the *unverified* story I heard of how Pan Am ceased to exist:

After Pan Am's flight is blown up over Scotland, Pan Am hires their own
investigators, who conclude that the flight (which contained many
high-ranking CIA operatives) was blown up by members of a different group of
CIA operatives, as part of an intra-agency power struggle.

Pan Am files suit in federal court asking for damages from the CIA.

Next thing you know, Pan Am's lines of credit are withdrawn, they are
declared bankrupt, and the court-appointed bankrupcy trustee withdraws the suit.

If this is true, there should be some traces in the historical record, and
the message would not be lost on TWA...