Fw: Legions of Soldiers with Railguns (Future of Warfare)

Max M (maxmcorp@inet.uni-c.dk)
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 00:48:47 +0100

Well i think that a good way to look at the future of warfare is to look at
what happens in something like QUAKE the game. Kids are programming bots in
somthing called quakeC using neural nets fuzzy logic and what have you. The
reaperBot 0.7 is especially hard to beat. It learns quickly from it's
mistakes. Off course they have to die a few times before they get really
good. But thats not really to unrealistic as any real *Terminator* would
most likely be able to transfer their experinces to the great wireless
Teminator network before they fade away completely.
The Bots in quake of course has an extremely simple universe to traverse so
not everything can be translated to real life. But the logic of things is:

1) someone develops a bot. The bot soon gets a LOT better than the human
2) this destroys the game for the human players so they develop bodyguard
3) Each player controls a certain amounts of bots so it gets to be a more
tactical game than an action game.

Imagine future warfare where each human soldier control a flock of robots,
possibly by telepresence, and he with the best and most robots wins the
battle. I think this is the most likely way for future warfare to go. Off
course there will always be weapons that uses the battleaxe style instead
of the scalpel style that robotic warfare represents.
just look at it from a PR and political viewpoint. A Robowar will be
relatively inexpensive(none of our boys got lost) and hi tech war material
is always cool on the tube.

Danish SF writer Niels E. Nielsen has written some good books that touches
the subject. I don't know what their english title is.

We allready got loads of massdestrucion capability. therefore i think that
the development will be in precision and minimizing the number of
casualties on *our* side.


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