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Max M (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 00:09:32 +0100

Well i *complained* about the threads on the mailing list and was told make
start my own so i wil try to do that.

I'll start out with a scenario and end up with a question.

1) Computers wil obtain intelligence/autonomity either by traditional top
down AI methods (like the CYC project), or because all of the autonomous
processes on the net wil somehow reach a state of conciousness through
shear complexity. Maybe they wil achieve autonomity by some other mean it
doesn't really matter. What matters is that they will able to support and
develop themself without human assistance.
2) It is to expensive to send a lot of humans to space or there is no
political will to do it, and private organisations don't have the means to
do it. The most reasonable way to expect space exploration to get underway
is by planting a seed of autonomous robots somewher with enough energy and
raw materials for them to replicate. (moon, asteroids, whatever) All of it
computersimulated beforehand of course.
3) The robots with their endless patience and practically infinite
lifespans will then start exploring space in a logarithmic way. (You know
breeding new offspring as they arive to new energy sources and mining
areas.) They will start by mining the solar system then the nearest stars
and so on. (Hopefully they will leave some raw materials for us in this
solar system) In the end they will conquer space. All without us. They will
be offspring of the human race. Robo Sapiens. This makes us less important
in the long run. Until we don't mean a thing in the big picture.
Off course we can develop ourself by integrating with technology the
cyberpunk way, but they can do it so much faster than us.

Does the scenario hold and what is the reason then for us as biological
beings to go to space and live eternal lives? (Not counting the obvious
reason to fight the robots for raw materials ;-) )

I hope this isn't a discussion done with a long ago.

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