Re: Retaliatory poem #2 (for Nadia)

E. Shaun Russell (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 16:00:20 -0800 (PST)

Casual Nobility

Safe inside this dome of glass I ponder on the meaning of it all
Splendid sensibility and casual nobility:
Rational agility proves to me that my purpose isn't small

Secrets found and pleasure gained a name
The future came and my life remained a game;
Embassy of logic grew
While I knew that my world would never be through -too much to do

I can go the distance and do what I want to do, when and how
Like transhumanity and temporary insanity
The falsehoods of vanity only guise the meanings of the here and now

A spotlight shone on the land before dawn
I merged my brain and brawn -I was not a pawn;
Reason shaped my trembling mind
And I could find that I wouldn't get behind -nothing could bind

So noble but so casual,
Severely crucial to the sacred will

Free to find a destiny and fulfill the search made for a long-lost goal;
My neo-personality, my stellar rationality
Antecedent brutality gone forever from my unencumbered soul

No more lies -my spirit shall always rise
The only prize is symmetrical compromise
The present's all that I can give,
But I forgive because I will always live

So noble but so casual,
Severely crucial to the sacred will

By: E. Shaun Russell

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