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According to B. Gates, the next Win95 update will have below functionality
(and more! Watch out for forthcoming Win96 (aka Basilisk97 with new
killer features!)


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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:40:23 -0700
From: David Brandt-Erichsen <>
Subject: "Death Machine" software available on internet

The following item appears in the November 9 issue of medical journal LANCET

by Elizabeth Finkel

The computer programme "Self-Deliverance", which was used in the world's
first legal medically assisted suicide is now on the Internet:
<>. The programme is freeware,
available "to allow other developers to modify the programme".

According to Philip Nitschke, the Northern Territory doctor who assisted the
suicide and helped develop the programme, the purpose of placing it on the
Internet is to demystify notions of "computer death" and also to expedite
the legal processes doctors and patients from other states must undergo
before they can make use of the Northern Territory Rights of the Terminally
Ill Act.

Self-Deliverance was designed by Nitschke and computer programmer Des Carne.
The programme is interactive, and confirms a patient's sentience and
intentions three times. A click on "yes" the third time activates a syringe
driver and a sequential delivery of thiopentone sodium, pentobarbitone
sodium, and pancuronium.

Initially a simple "press button" option was offered, but, says Nitschke,
"that caused a furor of concern . . . someone might accidentally trip . . .
so we developed this interactive lap-top computer set-up. It also removes
the doctor from the patient's personal space . . . they don't really want
him there". According to Nitschke there have been many misunderstandings but
the use of "Self-Deliverance" makes sense only where it is lawful and
subject to scrutiny.