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On Wed, 13 Nov 96 "David Musick" <David_Musick@msn.com> Wrote:

>Perhaps it is possible for sufficiently intelligent beings
>in our universe (such as humans) to communicate with this
>highly advanced being, who created the universe, and receive
>some sort of assistance.

If there is a God I certainly wouldn't count on any assistance from Him.
By definition God is omnipotent, so He could have made animals in any way He
wanted to, but He chooses to do it by Evolution, that is, by mutation and
natural selection. A slower, crueler, more painful process I can not imagine.
I can only conclude that God is a sadist who enjoys watching conscious beings
suffer, so if God ever gives me some advice I intend to ignore it.

>Perhaps this god has been busily forming methods of
>communicating with the intelligent creatures it helped
>develop in its experimental universe.

I think God should enroll at a junior college somewhere and take a few
courses in communications. We can talk with our fellow creatures, you'd think
an omnipotent being would be at least as good as we are at it. Anyway, if an
infinite God already existed I don't see why He'd be the slightest bit
interested in the development of finite beings such as ourselves, except
perhaps to make Himself feel superior.

>I have no evidence for or against the God Theory or even any
>reason why it would be useful to explain any phenomenon,
>except possibly for the fact of our existence itself.

If the God Theory could explain our own existence then that would be excellent
evidence that it is true, but it can't do that, all it can do is kick the
problem upstairs and then refuse to discuss it further. It's all very well to
say that God created the universe, but that immediately suggests another
question that the God Theory has no answer for.

>If there is a God, perhaps It will provide some useful and
>clear evidence.

If God wanted his existence known surely an omniscient being could have
thought of a way, if He's hiding, then to detect Him we'll need to outsmart

>Or perhaps we are incapable of understanding such things
>until post-Singularity?

I don't know what He's waiting for, even pre-Singularity humans can understand
the concept of "yes" or "no". So what's my opinion, does God exist?
Probably not, at least not yet.

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