Re: TWA 800: THE CAT IS OUT !!

Ira Brodsky (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 11:51:51 -0600

Michael Lorrey,

I can't argue with most of your last post. Just one point:

>Witnesses and the public statement of a DEMOCRAT who has long experience
>in White House and other high level government business. 157 eye
>witnesses corroborating each other is a much bigger statistical lump to
>dismiss than just a few confused reports. If facts are not true, they
>typically are widely varied in being described by witnesses. When they
>all agree, that typically means that is accceptable as a fact.

I thought the witnesses said they saw what looked like a missile -- not
that they specifically saw a missile fired by a US Navy vessel.

BTW, I have never said the investigators should rule out the Navy as a
possible suspect. Honest investigators will go through many suspects, but
hopefully they will only accuse the one who is actually guilty.

But maybe I have missed something. Please tell me what factual evidence
there is that TWA Flight 800 was shot down by a Navy missile. I still
don't know who is the "AI" on this list, so maybe I also missed the Navy
missile evidence.

Ira Brodsky
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