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E. Shaun Russell (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 07:47:27 -0800 (PST)

On 13/11/96, David Musick wrote:

<Big snip questioning whether or not there is *a* God>

In my time in this universe I have come across many people who have
fallen into this meme. I think it is almost natural for extropian-type
people to eventually ponder this question deeply. We all want to see past
limits...even of our own thinking. When I say I'm an atheist, I mean that I
don't believe in the *conventional* 'God' that is worshipped by billions. I
do, however, have a couple views on the prescence of other 'gods'.

One such view is that the universe itself is God. As far as I know
(and maybe ever will know), the universe has always been here. As far as I
know, the universe has no end; if it does have an end, I'll have to see it
to believe it. I just can't accept the thought that there is a physical
limit that no-one can surpass. If it *does* go on forever and always
has\will be here, then it is God. Every planet, quasar, galaxy et cetera,
is within the universe and has been created by the universe. Entropy
happens *within* the universe. Then the universe is omnipotent. *That* I
can accept.

Another of my views (even long before I read _Stranger In A Strange
Land_) is quite common to transhumans: that we are all gods. We create our
own lives. We can either make millions on a paradigm or live in a box on a
city corner...or anything in between. We create new beings (procreation),
and eventually, new life forms all together (AIs, etc.). If we wish to die
or kill something, we can. The main reason for people not to believe this
is that we are not omnipotent. The common question comes up: "But who made
us?" And no-one can answer convincingly enough to sway opinions.

Ingredi Externus!

-E. Shaun Russell

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