Beautiful Men

Stephen de Vries (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 13:24:07 GMT2

An experience which changed my perception of beauty was my first time
in a gay bar. My usual programmed hetero-male instincts orient me to
a 'predator' type behaviour in normal social situations. All of a
sudden this was swung around and I became both predator and prey.

Most men are not sexy because they don't really see themselves as the
'prey', therefore they don't need to look beautiful. If you earn
enough money, you're automatically entitled
to a beer belly and cheap cologne, without jeopordising your mating
chances too much. This is also mostly the female's fault for having
the 'I can't funciton on my own and need someone to protect me'

I find both sexes to be beautiful, our only criteria for judging a
potential mate is no longer child bearing
ability, rather we find people attractive who would contribute to our
growth. Unfortuanately we have a lot of programmed baggage telling
what is and what isn't sexy.
Stephen de Vries
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