Prometheus Suspended Animation Project

Paul Wakfer (70023.3041@CompuServe.COM)
12 Nov 96 23:46:25 EST

The goal of the Prometheus Project is the fully reversible suspended
animation of humans. This revolutionary idea has been a topic of science
fiction for decades and was briefly considered by NASA for long-range space
travel in the early 70s. Until now, however, no one has seriously believed
that it might be achievable within our lifetime.

The Project began within a small group of futurists on the Internet who
were discussing recent developments in organ preservation. After over 20
years of underfunded, painstaking effort, the accomplishment of fully
reversible long-term cryopreservation of human organs is now within our
reach. From this discussion grew the idea that whole-body suspended animation
is now probably attainable within 20 years.

The Prometheus Project conditional pledge campaign was developed to
gauge whether there is sufficient support to launch this revolutionary
project. Because of its length and difficulty, the Project will be done in
two parts.

The first part will show full recovery of the central nervous system. In
essence, this will be a ten year feasibility study to decide if the Project's
main goal, suspended animation, is achievable. This initial work is expected
to require about $1 million per year to accomplish. Four months into the
pledge campaign, over 30% of the required funds have already been pledged.

The second part of the Project will need considerably more funding. But
with the convincing demonstration of the suspended animation of the central
nervous system provided by the first part, it is expected that this larger
amount will then be obtainable.

The Prometheus Project will be conducted by top scientists in the
required disciplines under the aegis of a for-profit corporation which will
be formed for this purpose when the pledge campaign has reached its funding
goal. No money is due for share purchases until the required total has been
pledged, and pledgers have approved the science and business plans for the

If the Prometheus Project's goal of fully reversible suspended animation
is successfully accomplished, it will have an enormous impact on the practice
of medicine. Doctors will have the option of placing their terminal patients
into suspended animation until future technology can cure what is killing
them. Many people with incurable and terminal conditions will elect such a
procedure with the reasonable expectation that advances in medical science
will find cures for their conditions in the near future. They would then be
revived and cured before rejoining their loved ones and continuing the life
that would otherwise have been prematurely taken from them.


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