Beautiful Men

David Musick (
Mon, 11 Nov 96 08:04:54 UT

Chris Hind is wondering why women appear so elegant and beautiful to him while
men appear bland and boring. He's wondering if he'd view it differently, if
he was a different intelligent species, looking at humans.

Chris, you're a guy. Of course you think women look beautiful. I think women
look beautiful too. I've noticed something about myself, which I think may be
common among most males, is that I tend to look at women much more than I look
at men. If I am passing a group of people, my mind seems to automatically
look for the women. I think that males' obsession with women causes us to see
them as more beautiful than men. I also think that most men are very
reluctant to recognize the beauty of other men, since homophobia is so rampant
in our society.

I've allowed myself to recognize the beauty of other men, and I think that men
are as beautiful as women. It is a different sort of beauty, a different
style, but I think both men and women are very beautiful. It's a matter of
allowing yourself to see that. And not being scared of unexpected emotions.

- David Musick

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