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Chris Hind (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 19:47:33 -0800

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>William Kitchen wrote:
>> I think that the development and experimental use of such a language
>> would be a fascinating endeavor.
>I like also this idea.
>Do you know someone who tried to construct a language as a tool for

Well, now that we all know that there is interest in this idea, perhaps we
need a linguist to help us in constructing one and I know there MUST be a
linguist on the list here. Also with enhanced reality it we may be able to
communicate more effectively by merely playing back a video clip of an
event in your life to the other person so they can see for themselves. In a
visual based language we should assign multiple meanings for each human
sense to a specific 3D model. This allows us more flexibility with less
characters but more information being communicated. To universalize these
characters we could link to them with urls so that the same image is
retrieved from a central source so that we can universalize the characters
and so that multiple dialects don't arise. In a line I read from snow
crash, languages seem to break apart into multiple dialects rather than
unify, so it's best to centralize the language but allow for unlimited
character combinations and voting on new character types so allow evolution
and flexibility of the language.

>(Excuse me for my misuse of English. I mainly use French.)
>(I french better than I english :) )

I enjoyed this quote :)