Re: The Worker / Employer Relationship
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 20:22:05 -0500

Mike Lorrye writes:

> I have NEVER been to a government run facility where I was
> communicated with in a freindly manner, or treated
> in any way like I was a human being.

This is not my experience, although i am aware of
what you mean. I think that in every situation it is
fairly true that how you treat others has a lot to do
with the way you are treated. I have been dealing with
state agencies lately and they have been so courteous
and helpful _ and they dont have to be, it was the
INDIVIDUAL personality that made them that way.

I see that you may be saying that govt. jobs may not
encourage people to do their solid best, but that could
be stated without "dehumanizing" every worker that
works for the state. Look, job to job, people are people.
There are shitty people working for many kinds of
companies, not just govt. ones. Ever talk to MSN?

But everyone in the USA knows about the NOTORIOUS
slowness and insolence at post office and DMV, so i
understand what you are getting at. Even at those
places I have been treated well, and it is the exception
to the rule, i am sure. But I am awfully courteous and respectful myself,
and i love people. You get what you
give. You give love, you get love, etc.
Your point was a valid one: if people are forced to
buy from you - you dont have to be competent. We need a
But lets not replace old memes with more negativity, hatred and inhumanity.