Being Artificially Intelligent

David Musick (
Sun, 10 Nov 96 22:04:19 UT

Ira Brodsky looks behind the curtain and says to me, "Ah ha! So *you* are the
AI. <g>"

I'm proud to proclaim that I am indeed artificially intelligent. The
intelligence I am currently using is the result of tremendous amounts of
mental training that I have undergone. Most of my intelligence is my own
creation, and a lot of it is from other people who have taught me and from
studying other people's work.

If something is artificial, that means it is an artifact, created by humans.
It does not mean "less than real" or "inferior", as many interpret it.
Everything consciously created is, by definition, "artificial".

My intelligence is almost entirely my own creation and the creation of other
humans whom I have learned from. The basic "hardware" was provided by
evolution, but the brilliant intelligence was something created by myself and
other humans, and thus is "artificial".

The more we direct our growth, the more artificial and self-created we become.
I am proud to be artificially intelligent, and I am working dilligently on
becoming even more so.

- David Musick

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