Re: The Property Protocol
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 19:18:16 -0500

S Naidu: >The reason I advocate anarchy is because [...]

>You're the strangest "anarchist" I've ever seen. Anarchy means no
you may be able to dream up a nice euphemism for it, but what you're
advocating has the 2 essential ingredients that make a government a

As tired as I am of this long, long, LONG, thread,
I have to say that John said exactly what I have been
thinking all along... it is not possible to regulate
everything, abolish all the things you don't agree with
and claim you support anarchy. I suggest reading up on
anarchy and the history of it.

>1) It claims rights and powers individuals do not have.

>2) At any one time in any one place, only one may exist.

(Naidu replies:)
>Factories and farms are owned by the community, thus

>everybody gets a say on what activities the business is

>doing. No this is not state socialism. It's a business

A *capitalist* business, a non profit business?... or
simply the "commune" sticking a nose into everybody
else's business?