Re: TWA 800: THE CAT IS OUT !!

Ira Brodsky (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 10:53:22 -0600

Ian Goddard wrote:

>IAN: When I think of the avalanche of vicious ad hominem abuse
>I took in the newsgroups for simply suggesting EXACTLY what Former
>White House adviser Pierre Salinger has now come out and said to
>be true from first hand knowledge, it proves what a bunch of fact-
>blind GovtMedia news feeding and worshiping zombies most people
>are. This PROVES we are feed a pack of lies; this PROVES that the
>U.S. media is guilty of a conspiracy to suppress the truth in
>defense of the U.S. govt because all the facts necessary to
>reach the this just revealed truth have been there from day
>one (notice that this news comes from Reuters in England); and
>this proves that the bulk of conspiracy researchers quickly and
>accurately divulged the real scoop and were smeared viciously
>for doing so. If you want to get closest to the truth, research
>conspiracy theory sources.

IRA to IAN: I hope this isn't interpreted as ad hominem abuse, but how does
a statement from Pierre Salinger "prove" that Flight 800 was shot down by a
U.S. Navy missile? Excuse me if I point out a contradiction in your
analysis: Pierre Salinger works for ABC News. He is part of the "GovtMedia
news feed."

I am also at a loss to understand how Pierre Salinger, residing in Paris,
has first-hand knowledge when hundreds of investigators off Long Island
still appear to be mystified.

However, if this theory does prove to be true, anyone who publicly
ridiculed your analysis will owe you a public apology.

But there is also still good reason to be skeptical about conspiracy
theories in general and about whether the U.S. Navy shot down Flight 800 in
particular. More important, Pierre Salinger is an inveterate Statist who
thinks France is a swell place to live; I will always treat his statements
with a good deal of skepticism.

>Hell, ya got to toot your horn a little, particularly after
>being sh*t on so much for getting the truth out, for example:

IRA to IAN: Isn't it a bit premature to proclaim victory? Wasn't that a
government agent who gave a "document" to a media agent? Are you sure you
want to bet everything on what a government agent -- whose original source
and motivation remain unknown -- gave to media and ex-government agent
Salinger (Pierre was part of the Kennedy Admin.)?

Perhaps this is a conspiracy by the government to discredit Pierre
Salinger! If the government could shoot down a passenger airliner and
cover it up, then there is no reason to assume that "shooting down" Pierre
Salinger is beyond the intrigues of the FBI.

>The current issue of GEORGE Magazine smears people who suggest
>that the govt may have shot-down TWA 800 as clueless paranoids.
>They even quote me. Yet I gave them the facts, culled right out
>of quickly disappearing media quotations, that 156 witnesses re-
>ported seeing a missile hit the plane and GEORGE Magazine censored
>these facts that they had in hand, and then they turn around and
>call those who know the facts, which they also know, "clueless."
>It's a naked con job.

IRA to IAN: I confess I enjoy doing battle with clueless paranoids. See

However, as a dynamic optimist, I am not ready to write you off. The rest
of us could be wrong. (However, if A =82 A then there is no truth for any o=
us.) And, you often represent a provocative and opposing view that, if it
didn't exist, we would have to invent.

So, as a budding fellow extropian (and owner of a three-letter name
beginning with "I"), I refuse to believe you are all bad. <g>

Ira Brodsky
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