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Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 12:51:56 GMT
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Subject: Re: Melatonin information needed

John Watson <> wrote:

>> can anybody out there give me any good reference or tell me which are the
>> effects of melatonin on the nervous system and the further ones on the whole
>> body?

>You might try:

>Morgan P.J., Barrett P., Howell H.E., and Helliwell R. (1994). Melatonin
>receptors :localization, molecular pharmacology, and physiological significance.
>Neurochem. Int. 24, 101-146.

>There is an accompanying critique by David Sugden:

>Sugden D. (1994). Melatonin: Binding site characteristics and biochemical and
>cellular responses. Neurochem. Int. 24, 147-157.

James Howard responds:

I used medline to check for citations regarding melatonin, about a month or two
ago. For the 1994-1996 years, it provided 467 references. For 1993, there are
347 citations. For 1992, there are 363; for 1991, there are 329, etc. Between
1960 and 1971, there were 230. I suggest that many of you, who are interested
in melatonin, should use medline to find these listings. Many of them have
abstracts that are available through medline. Read them for yourselves; you can
understand them. This will help to avoid the "miracle" or "scam" label that has
been variously attributed to melatonin.

I have produced a mechanism of sleep, based on melatonin and DHEA, that one can
find at on the web. (For the cynics among you:
I do not sell any product or service, nor am I associated in any manner or form
with any entity (person, company, corporation, etc.) that does.)
James Howard