Re[2]: accept no limits
Thu, 07 Nov 96 12:35:23 MST

Anders Sandberg wrote:
>Even if Malthus was an entropic bastard, his argument is valid. We cannot
>expand faster than light, and inside a bounded volume (like spacelike
>slices of our future lightcone) the Bekenstein Bound seems to hold. This
>implies that exponential growth of *anything* only is possible in the
>"short" term (which could be *very* long), then it has to grow as t^3 or
>slower (assuming a Minkovsky spacetime).

'gene, my apologies to you. Until I understand what the "Bekenstein
Bound" and the "Minkovosky spacetime" are, I will concede that perhaps
you and Malthus are correct.

Paul Tweedy