Individual Responsibility

David Musick (
Thu, 7 Nov 96 08:35:08 UT

Suresh Naidu said, "The government was as short sighted as can be, as usual.
But the businesses are still the ones who dumped the waste."

I would correct this statement, to make it more accurate. It was *PEOPLE in
the businesses* who dumped the waste. There were certain, specific
individuals who dumped that waste, and the fact that they were business owners
has as much relevance as their skin or eye color to the fact that they were so
unethical that they would do such a horrible thing. These polluters are
highly unethical people who HAPPEN to be business owners as well. Being
business owners didn't *cause* them to be evil polluters. Capitalism doesn't
CAUSE people to be unethical. Yes, there are unethical people who trade in
the capitalist system who ALSO do very bad things, but to decry all of
capitalism and business because of the acts of a few assholes who fuck people
over is as stupid and irrational as being racist because one black guy attacks
you and steals your clothes.

Suresh, you're over-generalizing, BIG-TIME! You're standing in the middle of
a battlefield, blowing away friend and enemy alike. "The enemies are humans;
shoot the enemies. All humans are enemies; shoot all humans" is the same as
"The bad people who pollute and fuck people over are business people; stop
them from committing their evil acts. All business people are evil; stop all
businesses." Both are examples of very bad logic. Yet this is exactly the
logic you are using.

Check your thinking; you've got a bad meme in there somewhere, trying to take
over your mind.

Find out what the REAL enemy is. It's not business. It's not even
government. There's something much deeper. And until you understand the real
sources of the world's problems, all your grand plans for society will be
misguided and ineffective.

- David Musick

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