Re: Defunct Democracy

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 07 Nov 1996 02:29:28 -0500

Michael Butler wrote:
> << Homer's Republic with its intellectual elite.>>
> Err, _Plato's_ Republic, no?

Yeah, it's late. I'm a gaper, sue me. They're both dead guys who wore
sheets. ;<)

> "Who shall lead?"
> "Why, he who is most fit to lead."
> MMB, at but not for OCC

Show a demonstration of fitness and I'll think about it.

A demonstrably large percentage of the supposed intellectual elite
around today remind me more of the sniveling latinos of the late Roman
empire that let the barbarians in the gates, than the early ones whos
mother's told them, "Come home with your shield or on it."

As for leading today's whining masses? Excuse me I've got better things
to do.

TO me, leading is by action and example, not by political maneuvering,
rhetorical warfare, and pandering to the most common denominators. I
would show much more leadership by getting the hell off this planet just
to prove that all the crap that people claim is a bunch of nonsense.