Re: Scarcity and getting off ( was: sex, yet again..)

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 18:40:02 -0500 wrote:
> >I personally believe that space migration is the fundamentally
> >important one, even if just to get our eggs out of one basket. Living
> >in a gravity well anywhere is a dumb idea. It's like living in a one
> >company town.
> >Mike
> SM.II.LE - :)
> Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension
> Thanks, Tim Leary
True, but we as a race can survive with only the first. If the others
are not possible, which I doubt, then the first will save us. Of course
I'd still like to see more people get intelligence amplification enough
so that I can converse with anyone as easily as most of you guys.