Re: Defunct Democracy
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 14:14:06 -0500

Someone writes:
>Success in this universe is determined by who survives. If it came
down to a battle of life or death between humans and cereal - my
money's with the human

Well, you may be right, the way things are going.
I had a talk with my cereal this morning...
The cereal community is really concerened because
it is losing it's rich, diverse texture.. Too many cross breedings of cereals
and grains, combined with the
grinding and blending of different cereals together
are causing the cereals to lose their individual
identities. Their flavor, so to speak.

A new government program is being discussed which
protects the rights of various grains. As cross cereal
issues become more complex, I am sure we will have regulations which ensure
that all cereals are equal.