Re: Defunct Democracy

Stephen de Vries (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 20:05:17 GMT2

On Tue, 05 Nov 1996 Michael Lorrey replied:

> Unfortunately, this assumes that ANYONE should be "in power" Look at
> the biggest organisms on the planet- coral reefs, Mangroves,
> underground
> molds, and hyperthermophilic communities in the earth's crust. The HTP
> biomass is estimated to exceed 90% of all the living mass on the planet.
> None of these has anything like a central authority, yet they are the
> most successful organisms.

Popular opinion (including mine) has it that _we_ are the most
successful organisms.

> Here's an analogy, using an idea of a possible alien judgement on the
> superior species on the planet:
> The most superior species on the planet must be the cereal grains. They
> occupy all the best real estate, are tended to by an autonomous species
> which propagates the cereal's seed, and have a whole host of species
> which serve one or more of their needs. They absorb the vast majority of
> the solar flux, as well as material natural resources.

Success in this universe is determined by who survives. If it came
down to a battle of life or death between humans and cereal - my
money's with the humans.

Stephen de Vries
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