Re: sex, yet again ~%6
Wed, 06 Nov 96 10:49:22 MST

>True enough. But why are there SO MANY damn doomsayers??!?! It's probably
>due to the fact that in the 'great meme of the world' christianity, tells
>>the story that things get progressively worse in the future and that they
will need to be prepared for the second coming when God will annihilate the
>universe and start over. I guess this

We can reinterpret and propagate this meme to be the story of how
shitty things USED to be (a historical prophecy), but now we are
enjoying the fruits of the "New Heavens and New Earth" (everything
after the fall of the Roman Empire). No need for any "god" to destroy
everything and start over. - paul the apostle