Re: Uploading

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 22:00:47 -0500

James Rogers wrote:
> Actually, the difficulty isn't so much in the hardware as it is in the
> interfacing software. On a micro scale this is fairly easy since you are
> only looking at discrete signals. On a macro scale, however, you also have
> to consider the relationships between signals on the order of millions or
> billions of simultaneous signals. This has to be done both going in to the
> hardware and going back in to the brain. The computational complexity of
> decoding this type of interface would require immense quantities of
> computational power.
> You could use neural network based enhancement hardware to minimize the
> interfacing problem, but neural networks are not efficient computational
> architectures for many classes of problems. In the long run, it would break
> down to how much you are willing to spend for computational enhancement.
> The cost/performance ratio could get prohibitively large very fast, based
> almost exclusively on the complexity of installation and integration.
> -James Rogers
Yes, scanning every last connection and impulse is not neccessary. Using
algorithms describing the neural behavior to build identical system that
operates at various speeds (accelerate as the user gets used to the new
hardware) and can be hooked up to the brain would I believe be all that
is needed, plus time. Given a hookup to unused capacity, it is the
natural tendency to occupy the space. There are very few parts of the
human brain that cannot be damaged and rerouted around, and those tend
to be the visual and spinal areas, areas which will be the first to be
augmented. Once the human has shifted enough of their capacity to new
hardware, cutting the cord would have no discernable effects. Given new
capacity, the mind will grow as a natural consequence.

Yes some types of computation are difficult with neural systems,
however, with the new hardware, it will be much easier for the
individual to engage in rapid interface with auzilliary systems that can
do the work. Like having a calculator hooked up to your mind, rather
than having to punch out all the buttons...