Re: Scarcity and getting off ( was: sex, yet again..)

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 21:03:55 -0500 wrote:
> michael writes: ( re population and scarcity)
> >>Getting OFF this planet and/or onto silicon is paramount to our
> continued growth and existence.
> This is but one option, IMHO, and I assume you mean
> uploads and backup copies, which is an important goal.
> First we must create AI. SI. Whatever else needed.
> Or we must find some transportaion to get off
> the planet. Then Offworlds have some of their own
> scarcities.
> New ecologies; life extension; food resource
> developing, climate and enviromental control;
> psychology and intelligence improvement; genetics;
> political, artistic and philosophical changes
> (and all the rest of the Extropian memes): all these
> are as important, I hate to bank everything on the
> upload theory.
> Especially if your silicon is the only option
> (how about proteins, crystal, quantum... or
> who knows what?)

I personally believe that space migration is the fundamentally
important one, even if just to get our eggs out of one basket. Living in
a gravity well anywhere is a dumb idea. It's like living in a one
company town.