Re: Scarcity and getting off ( was: sex, yet again..)
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 17:59:36 -0500

michael writes: ( re population and scarcity)

>>Getting OFF this planet and/or onto silicon is paramount to our
continued growth and existence.

This is but one option, IMHO, and I assume you mean
uploads and backup copies, which is an important goal.
First we must create AI. SI. Whatever else needed.
Or we must find some transportaion to get off
the planet. Then Offworlds have some of their own

New ecologies; life extension; food resource
developing, climate and enviromental control;
psychology and intelligence improvement; genetics;
political, artistic and philosophical changes
(and all the rest of the Extropian memes): all these
are as important, I hate to bank everything on the
upload theory.
Especially if your silicon is the only option
(how about proteins, crystal, quantum... or
who knows what?)