Re: The Worker / Employer Relationship
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 17:46:53 -0500

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incorrect, the _We are all self-employed_ meme (M:WaaSE), is being discussed
as being useful to propagate, therefore it is not now universally current.
But being responsible for others in our communities is (where i come from)
a common even old fashioned idea. Therefore we do not require M:WaaSE to
exist for help to be given.

You would be dead if you didn't help your self first. You are not ABLE to
help others if you are dead, hurt, sick, mentally ill, etc. This meme is
universally current and is well propagated. It is a variant of the meme
"Self preservation".

As you have said helping is an old fashioned idea. Being responsible for
yourself first came long before helping others. A dead person can can not
help anybody. Therefore, taking care of yourself _must_ come before helping
anybody else. Mentally ill people son can not help other mentally ill before
getting themselves cured first.

Do you really think the meme "self-preservation" came AFTER the meme "help
(be responsible for) others"? Do you think "be responsible for others"
(selflessness, altruism) is a wider held meme than "self preservation"

Who cares? Because, I think "we are all self employed" encompasses _both_
ideas. The business of self employment needs to survive IN ORDER TO be
responsible to serve customers (help others). Self-preservation CAUSES
people being _able_ to help others. It's up to them then if they choose to
do so.

Dynamically Optimistic,

November 5, 1996
1:54 pm