Re: The Worker / Employer Relationship
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> I define it as people who are happy because they have satisfied the four
> areas of human happiness: to live well (eat, sleep, shelter, etc.) , to
> (friends, lovers, customers, etc.), to learn (to know things about the
> world), and to leave a legacy (to leave their mark on the world.)

only one of the examples above require business.

They all do. Value for value. Buy and sell. Repeat business and win-win

To live I need a somebody (a business) that sells food. To Love I need a
person who will trade their love with me (buy-sell). To learn I need someone
to trade their knowledge with me (buy-sell). To leave a legacy I need
someone to sell a valued legacy to (buy-sell).

What one(s) do you think don't require a sense of trade or business?