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On Mon, 04 Nov 1996 Michael Lorrey <retroman@tpk.net> Wrote:

>I would agree to the assertion that the uploaded mind would
>have a continuous stream of awareness from bio to electro,
>but any perfect copy should by definition do so.

What you say above and what you say below can't both be right. I think what
you say above is correct.

>You have not presented any evidence that if I were to do a
>flash upload, that my "stream of consciousness" that I
>consider to be "me" would not cease, even though there would
>be a perfectly operating electronic copy of me insisting that
>it feels fine.

Not so, I presented excellent evidence that I am still alive after I am fast
uploaded, namely I produced something that has my memories, acts just like me,
and insists that he is indeed me. As good as this evidence is, I admit it
falls short of a proof. You will NEVER be able to prove that my upload,
fast or slow, has my consciousness, but then, you can't even prove I had
consciousness before the upload, just as I can NEVER prove you are conscious.
Nobody worries about being the only conscious being in the universe because in
our hart every human being on this planet takes it as an axiom of existence
that when something act's intelligent it is conscious. For the same reason,
I don't worry about an upload who act's just like me not being me.

>I believe that the technology for slow gradual uploads will
>develop much sooner than a flash upload capability.

It seems to me that a destructive upload would probably be easier to do than
a non destructive one.

>Frankly, you sound more like a religious dogmatic, willing
>to take a leap of faith, than I.

I honestly don't know what more I can do. I examine 2 physical systems, I can
find absolutely no difference in them, I conclude there is no difference.
Where is the faith? If There is no physical difference, and you say you don't
believe in superstitious mumbo jumbo, then the question remains, what exactly
is the difference?

>Tell me: Are you so positive that you would flash upload
>this instant, given the chance?

YES! In a heartbeat.

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