Re: Defunct Democracy

Chris Hind (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 10:56:54 -0800

>To me, it makes more sense to have a dictator in power. The method
>of his ascension will not be voting, but rather becoming a leader
>because of his success in the free market.
>Leaders will autoevolve in a free market system, without the
>artificial intervention of democracy.

Dictators _do_ get alot accomplished and if you have a good dictator or
king, the populous prospers. Interesting idea though about becoming a
leader due to their success in the free market. Bill Gates for head of the
country anyone? I would change this idea though to have the people vote on
the leader who's the success in the free market because what if one of the
possible leaders is an egotistical maniac or has strong racist feelings?
Not everyone with $$ have brains. Some were just damn lucky. I do like this
approach though. We just need to find some other title other than 'dictator'.