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<Davin Said< Even Jesus said the poor, they
<> will always be with us.

<<Suresh said>>Oh, great, and The Words of God(tm), are a good basis for
dealing with society. Why should we accept poverty? If we are talkking about
grandiose things as uploading, Dyson Spheres and immortality, why can't
we discuss utopias for all. It shouldn't be beyond humanity's grasp. >>

My point was not "god (who I don't believe exists) said". I said "Jesus
said". My point was: give the man (yes, just a man) some credit. He was a
keen observer of poverty. He lived it. Yet, he still made this observation.

Even the very socialistic Jesus saw that there will always be some people who
will choose to be poor, no matter what you do for them or give them. And, I
add, some people are lazy. The poor they will always be with us, so lets do
what we can and get on with our own lives. Don't drag the society down to
the level of the poorest of poor. Compassion yes, charity yes, but I have
a life to live also.

Socialism helps people remain lazy by giving them something for no work, e.g.
nothing in return. Give them a Freeman Dyson Sphere, a Dan Anderson Double
Dyson Sphere, or a Larry Niven Ringworld and there will still be homeless,
lazy, poor, and fun-loving people who don't like to keep track of or make
money, etc. These people exist because they people choose that life.

I know people who gave up their professions because they hated it, to become
Renaissance Faire actors. Now that may be poor, but they at lease love there
job now.

Dynamically Optimistic,

November 5, 1996
8:03 am