Re: Egyptian Myths and the Unrealists
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 23:23:13 -0500


The concept of "real" art is too silly to respond to.
Natasha is right, you can't spend your time on this and be Extropic at the
same time. Meanwhile some of us do

I have a question for Anders or Sarah or anyone else who seems to actually
LIKE and know about art. I noticed
lately that Anders , you have mentioned Egyptian Mythology...Sarah too...On
this rather vast Art History
and Architecture website I am constructing, we have a sub-page ( with pics of
the Gods and so forth) on Egypt
and the Myths, the scholar who I am working with wants "comments by others"..
anything you may want to contribute would be welcome! This goes to highschool
distance edu.
Love, respect and admiration,
Urrealist, Unreal artist