Re: Uploading, info theory, and threads of consciousness

Chris Hind (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 14:41:27 -0800

>> Just like a stream of consciousness ceases when I go to sleep
>> and a separate stream of consciousness is created when my body
>> wakes up?

Ahhh! I'm a clone! Must stay awake! Break out the amphetamines! :)

>However, I beleive that an individual who takes an extended
>period of time adding better, faster higher powered artificial
>augmentation to the existing mind would, once a certain threshold had
>been reached, have very little awareness of a difference of self if the
>original bioware suddenly crashed.

I agree! A fellow gradual incremental uploader!

>I also suspect that any clones would also feel a distinct pretectiveness
>of self, something that is ingrained.

Ever see the star trek where I believe the transporter malfunctions? And
there is a clone of Kirk and they kill the clone.

>Not to mention greater sensory bandwidth and a lack of need to lug a
>heavy body around the world or solar system to take on a new project.

Hell, build your own body or 'avatar' as it is called. You could be
anything you want as well as build your house, world, solar system all
without physical materials. You'd probably have to pay for living space in
the form of terabytes.

>I would surmise that the closest we can ever actually get to teleportation
>is to beam one's software template out to operate a cyborg at a distant
>location. Given transciever stations on different planets, and the fact
>that photons do not know what elapsed time is, we could have
>instantaneous interplanetary and interstellar travel by beaming our
>'wareness out to another planet, and loaded into an android or
>gengineered organism capable of being implanted. Scotty, you're a has

Or you could use a slower form of nano where you shoot our nanites carrying
your cells which reconstruct you at the destination. They could pack you
into a dense reentry shell and when just about to impact, reorganize you
into yourself. I always did wonder in Star Trek how they reconstructed the
away team on the planet's surface! Hell maybe we're seeing millions of
clones of Deanna Troy.

>just this is ample justification to get to work now on really pushing
>interstellar probes, to get recieving stations on site by the time we
>are ready to use them to farcast.

Upload me to Voyager 3!