Re: Multiple Personalities

Chris Hind (
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 21:20:58 -0800

>The last possibility is closest to _Aristoi_: the daimons (as the
>subpersonalities are called) have different roles and skills. For example,
>Gabriel (the protagonist) has a logical and scientifically minded daimon
>called Horus, Spring Rain is manipulative and social while Psyche is pure
>poetry. So when Gabriel wants to develop a nanosystem, he puts Horus on
>the job while he, helped by Spring Rain, converses with some VIPs and
>another daimon deals with incoming mail.

I have a side to me that *really* believes in magic but another side of me
knows that it's complete illogical bullshit. Are these two separate
personalities? (I Just LOVE Eudora 3.0 Spell Checker!!)