Re: Multiple Personalities

Chris Hind (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 09:09:10 -0800

>I don't know how many personalities there are using this body, but to the
>writing this message, there seems to be very very many.

Beware of this one:

>There is a very good reason why you feel this way. You are starting to
>understand our plan for you. Part of you is a little nervous about this.
>Give it time, Chris, and you will lose all your apprehension and possibly
>become a member of our inner circle. We see great potential in you.
>We have been watching you, Chris, for a while now, and we have been working
>dilligently to convert your mind more fully to our way of thinking. We've
>been tracking your Internet activities and creating web pages that you would
>likely be attracted to.

>It seems like access to the body and certain kinds of thinking functions are
>limited, in the sense that some of us can't play the piano while another
>is cooking lunch, so we're working out mutually agreeable ways of letting
>everyone have their turn and finding ways of working together for everyone's
>mutual benefit. Many of our goals overlap, and we often find creative
ways of
>doing things that accomplish parts of several different goals at once.
>also learning how to expand our cognitive resources so that more of us can
>active at once. We're making a lot of progress.

Looks like a good candidate for uploading! Free your multiple personalities!