Re: Artists and Engineers

E. Shaun Russell (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 16:45:03 -0800 (PST)

On 30/10/96, Nadia wrote:

>I try to fuse as much beauty into my art as possible,
>but still get my mesage across, but often art does
>not *function* as enjoyable in terms of domain.
>Sometimes it is highly intellectual. It can be educational
>and political. It can piss people off.

Likewise. I intended to respond earlier to the initial statement
that said artists are more interested in form than function, but I guess
I'll do that now. As with Nadia, I put a lot of emphasis on form. Take my
poetry for example: it is not often that I write blank verse. Nor do I use
imbalanced stanzas, verses, etc. However, my poetry has a very important
function: to spread my views; mainly my extropian views. But in the end, my
poetry *is*. What people wish to make of it is up to them.

Ingredi Externus!

-E. Shaun Russell

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