Re: Sacred Cows

Chris Hind (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 20:54:16 -0800

>Of course, a more worrying possibility is that we take them for granted
>and don't see them. One way to find out, is to think about the last time
>you discussed extropianism with somebody and got angry at their
>arguments - sacred cows tend to hide near such sore spots.

>We are living in a culture that is
>becoming more and more risk-avoiding every day.

Does being uncomfortable about doing something count as a sacred cow? For
example I would've loved to go to one of the extropian meetings, parties,
whatever but I am hesitant on the point of wondering how the people on this
list actually are personality wise and not solely through intellectual
debate. For some reason I get this creepy vision of some bizarre occult
group when I try to envision an extropian gathering although I know that it
is completely the opposite. This idea gnaws at me and I hate it. Perhaps I
need to discuss this with some of the list members over the phone (anders?)
and sort things out.